The Beauty And The Beast Of Baybrook High is a collection of four short stories …

It’s a year of ‘new’ for Cassidy McLain in a lot of ways. She’s moved halfway across the country from familiar Winter Harbor, to not-so-familiar West Valley. As if being the new kid isn’t bad enough. Add to that having braces, glasses, and a pair of breasts she isn’t too sure she is comfortable having, and you’ve got the makings of The Worst Year Ever in the history of bad years.

The topic on everyone’s lips at Baybrook High, is Prom. True, it is the last two weeks before the highly touted social event is to take place, but still…Cassidy would rather no one mention it.

She’s not pretty like her new friends Kara and Gina. She doesn’t have that certain air of confidence they seem to effortlessly exude. What she does have is a penchant for self-depricating diatribe and a beast who won’t leave her alone.

(Aaron Finchley’s not a real beast. Just a boy who likes to pick on her for obvious reasons.)

But just when Cassidy thinks things are just going to keep being horrible, she gets a glimpse of a side of Aaron she never would have dreamed he possessed, and starts to believe things aren’t so bad after all.

She may not have gotten invited to Prom this year (she IS only a freshman), but it’s not so bitter a pill to swallow when you’ve got friends who could care less about what you wear or what you look like.


It’s been a year, and Cassidy McLain has had plenty of time to get used to West Valley. She’s settled into herself a bit; doesn’t spend hours listing her faults and short-comings like she’d done last year. But that’s not to say she doesn’t have problems to deal with. Heavens no. This year she’s fighting a losing battle against chemistry, both in the classroom and out of it.

After failing the latest test, and therefore saying good-bye to her chance to go to the state fair on the year-end trip for both sophomore’s and junior’s, she finds herself being tutored by none other than Aaron Finchley, her one-time antagonist turned freshman year hero, and study time suddenly turns into a time of discovery. The act of eating cupcakes is seen in a different light, and secrets are revealed, making Cassidy very glad her parents had made the move to West Valley.

Where else would she have found such a beastly, yet adorable chemist in gardener’s clothing?


It’s Junior year for Cassidy McLain, and that makes Aaron a Senior, which means one thing. Well, it actually means two, but the only one Cassidy is focusing on is that it means she finally has a chance of attending prom.

Over the summer she’s made some changes. Her mouth is no longer a death trap of scrap metal, her eyes are free from bottle-thick lenses, and she cut her hair. She’s a little iffy about all the changes at first, but as time goes by and she gets the kind of attention she’s always thought she wanted from her schoolmates, she thinks it could only be worse.

But the one person she wants to pay attention to her now that she’s transformed from being a homely ‘brace-face’ and into someone pretty, is doing the exact opposite. In fact, he’s downright avoiding her.

Will Cassidy’s school year end on a sour note or is there a corsage in her future?

There’s only one way to find out….


It’s Cassidy McLain’s senior year at Baybrook High, her last chance of attending prom – ever – and…she’s going. Finally!

With college boyfriend Aaron Finchley at her side, there’s no way anything could possibly go wrong, right? Unless Cassidy herself cannot overcome those old high school anxieties and ends up botching what could possibly be the greatest evening ever of her entire high school life.

Will Aaron convince Cassidy there is magic inside the ballroom where her senior prom is being held, or will Cassidy miss out on her chance to dance the night away forever?

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