“12 Charms of Christmas” Book 3 in the Holiday Romances Series

Fall in love with Book 3 in the Holiday Romances Series…

In 12 CHARMS OF CHRISTMAS, Erin White and Alex Whittaker have known each other for years.

Alex has been in love with Erin for most of them, but he’s kept quiet about his one-sided affection for fear of ‘the Ultimate Rejection’. But just when he decides it is time to lock his fears away and confess how he feels, someone else seems to have beaten him to the punch – a secret admirer who has obviously figured out just how much Erin loves cheese – the romantic kind, anyway.

Meanwhile, Erin is having mixed feelings about it all.

On the one hand there’s someone out there – someone she undoubtedly knows – who likes her enough to send her the most beautiful charms and the sweetest, most romantical cheesy notes that do everything to make her think of Alex and nothing to inspire thoughts or feelings about the sender, and on the other, well, on the other hand there’s Alex, the real reason for her mixed feelings.

Christmas is coming up, and with it, secrets are sure to be revealed. But will it be enough to bridge the gap between the two clueless would-be lovers?

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